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Пакет русификации для OS/2

Operating systems:
ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp
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  • - Частичная локализация
  • + Пользователи могут пользоваться уже в первый день
  • + Товарный вид
  • - Переводчики долго готовят CD, инсталятор, проверяют процедуру установки

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The switcher gives the same NLV system as you install this NLV from CD1.

What is the difference? The difference is in the process. Language switcher - the package may be released every week / every 2 weeks. CD1 method - the customers expect that the whole CD is translated

1) eCS CD1 (CVS) method is an industrial method. You need strong professional translators,

  • which know own language well +
  • know how to use CVS +
  • know the tools to extract/compile resources, etc.
  • have 6 monthes or 1 year to translate all files.

2) Language Switcher method is different.

  • The translator has the desire to translate eCS.
  • => he starts to translate utility X => gets knowledge how to use extractors / resource compilers.

That's all.. The barrier is not very high. The results may be published every friday. "eCS/Spanish package, 8% is available here: http:// .."

The users (usual translators) can't work by method 1), they can work during 2 weeks .. 2 monthes.. then other translators join.

If you want get other NLV versions - it's necessary grow it from the bottom. translate 10 files, 50 files, .. and release every friday, no need to wait during 12 monthes.




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