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Report: OS/2 compatible hardware




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Acer Aspire 9300-5317


Hardware > Notebooks/barebones




Acer Aspire 9300-5317

Mark: Average

Machine is ACER ASPIRE 9300-5317, AMD Turion 64 x2, 1 gb shared memory, Chipset NVIDIA video chipset NVidia geoforce go 6300

  • SMP kernel, ACPI and APM installed ACPI settings to be refined
  • Network interfaces: Atheros 500 g wireless driver genmac atheros ar5005g (168c:001a), Nvidia mcp51 network interface driver NVidia mac driver from NickK (10de:0269), Setup as per Doug Bisset's advice for 2 network interfaces with the addition of netbios for os2 to allow other workstations to show in network browser.(from Genmac-user news group), No issues with drop out of data in file transfers so far.
  • Sound does not work yet but from RC3 install UNIAUDIO for this machine may need to use a back leveled version.
  • USB Resources does not recognise items plugged into ports, chipset compatabity issue I suspect. Mouse plugged in works but not shown as resource.
  • Panorama VESA used for video with the vain hope that the wide screen settings will work, ok so far but monitor inf's and settings are yet to be played with.

Setup was painless and once options set no added input was required. time to install was 15 minutes approx.

Apart from issues above I have no problems.


Information is sent by: Peter Brede -- 2008-01-14 15:10:54



Test the program:

ACPI kernel - it is aimed to reduce power consumption, noise (results of experiments)


Peter Brede
2008-01-18 04:44:36

To further refine my initial report

The cardbus slot is not recognised and the CF and SD card slots do not read or write to cards when inserted, lvm does not see them either.

max screen resolution in snap or panorama is 1280 * 1024

wide screen 1600 * 900 is not available through any of the options or adjustment in snap etc. foible of Nvidia go chipsets I believe.

USB will not co-operate with resource manager etc or usbconfig and changing bios to later version crashes APCI.

Dual layer DVD writer appears to do its thing properly with latest CD/DVDRecord versions will advise when I find out further.

1 * 9 pin serial port is only output, but with a usb enabled network hub you could print to that, just can,t take it on the road to easily with out some sort of direct output apart from burning cd's or emailing files.

Power management is poor and you cannot throttle the cpu or cooling fan both are at max and suck the battery down in under 40 minutes or less and with no sound the audible warnings are not available.

sound still eludes me.

NVidia chip set is prime culprit with this unit and various drivers and/or kernel would need to be updated to cure issues.

Tough project but I am persisting until someone makes me an off to swap or it falls out the window and needs replacing(:<))

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Report: OS/2 compatible hardware


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